Technical & Product Data Sheets

Technical and product data sheets are available for download.
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Flax Boards Technical Data

E1- + FF Certificate

Flax Board Technical Data Sheet

Flax Board E1 Material Safety Data Sheet

Flax Board E0 Material Safety Data Sheet

Heat Conductivity Coefficient

Flax Boards Pressure Test Results

Glue Recommendations

Odice Product Data Sheets

Acrylodice F
Fire resistant, acrylic and intumescent sealant

Acrylodice ST 4
1- component acrylic sealant

Bourrelet Odice
Rock wool lagging rope

F10 BDSN Foam
Intumescent Foam

Fibrodice MS
Thermal shield

Firefoam 1C
Fire resistant PU foam

Flexilodice BS
Intumescent flexible fire resistant glazing gasket

Flexilodice EF QS & EF BS
Intumescent flexible fire and smoke seals for timber doors

Flexilodice EF
Flexible intumescent fire and cold smoke seals

Data sheet available in German language only

Flexilodice HE
Flexible intumescent seal – High Expansion

Flexilodice OCS 1200 & OCS 1201
Flexible intumescent fire and smoke seals

Flexilodice P
Intumescent fire seals

Flexilodice PM & PM QS
Flexible intumescent seals with color finishing

Flexilodice SR
Flexible intumescent seals

Flexible intumescent seals

Interdens 5, 15 & 36
Intumescent sheets & seals

Thermal break sheets & strips

Thermal insulation

Odice Firefoam 1C B2
1-component fire rated Polyurethane Foam

Odice Firefoam 1C B1
Flame retardant PU foam

Data sheet available in German language only

Oditec 2.25
Calcium silicate board – core material

Odiwool Black Paper
Thermal insulating paper

Palusol 100, 104 & 210
Intumescent boards and seals

Palusol EF
Intumescent fire and cold smoke seals

Palusol P&PM
Intumescent fire seals

Palusol PL& PL ALU
Intumescent fire seals

Palusol W
Intumescent fire seals with wood imitation

Thermal break sheets & strips

Pyrocol A – E – L – F
Non-combustible glues

Superwool Blanket
Thermal insulating blanket

Superwool Paper
Thermal insulating paper

Ventilodice V&VC
Vision fire resistant air transfer grilles