Professional advice for your door purchase

Measuring height and width

Always measure the wall opening in several places, preferably at the top, in the center and at the bottom. The standard dimensions are standard sizes according to DIN 18101 in cm, which have been valid in Germany since the mid-1970s.

There are 4 standard widths and 2 standard heights, the corresponding wall opening can be found in our table. The standard dimension is the door leaf outer dimension, the wall opening is the structural dimension.

Standard measure (cm)Ideal wall opening (cm)
61,0 x 198,563,5 x 200,5
73,5 x 198,576,0 x 200,5
86,0 x 198,588,5 x 200,5
98,5 x 198,5101,0 x 200,5
61,0 x 211,063,5 x 213,0
73,5 x 211,076,0 x 213,0
86,0 x 211,088,5 x 213,0
98,5 x 211,0101,5 x 213,0

Measure wall thickness

Also in this case, measure at least 3 thickness and note the strongest value. In order to order the right frame, the size of the FINISHED wall is needed, including plaster, tiles etc. If the walls are not plastered yet, add approx. 1,5 cm plaster per side.

The standard frame sizes of most German manufacturers are as follows: 8,5 / 10,5 / 12,5 / 14,5 / 16,5 / 18,5 / 20,5 / 22,0 / 24,0 / 27,0/29,0 / 33,0 and more.

Adjustability: -0,5cm / + 1,5 cm

Opening direction

TIP: Imagine that you open the door to yourself. Then, if see the ribbons to the right, it is a right door.

Internal structure

A door leaf in the interior is built either in honeycomb, tubular chipboard or flax board (solid chipboard).
Honeycomb is very light and the most cost-effective variant. We offer it, but we advise it for the use in the living area.

For higher noise and climate control as well as for burglar protection, flax board (solid chipboard) is used. We are happy to advise you which door is ideal for your requirements.


Flax Board (solid chipboard)
Fig. Shows WET (= apartment entrance door)


Most door leaf models have a rebated design with round edges, often you have choice between angular and round edges.

There are matching frames for these profiles. Apart from the optics they differ in the decor range.

Standard profile (BE)

Round profile (BR)

Door Frames Examples

angular – angular

round – round

round – crowned

round – profiled

Door Locks

Most of the interior doors are supplied with ward locks as standard. You can also order a toilet or profile cylinder lock for each door.

Especially for families with small children a toilet lock is recommended, because anyone can open the lock from the outside easily with a coin.

Ward Lock

Profile Cylinder Lock

Toilet Lock