Chipboard is manufactured from wood particles, glued together with an adhesive, under heat and pressure. This creates a rigid board with a relatively smooth surface. Chipboard is available in a number of densities: normal, medium and high-density.

Normal density is fairly soft. Medium density is somewhere between normal and high density. There are exterior grades of chipboard available but most are only suitable for internal use. High-density is solid and hard.


Chipboard with a veneered surface is widely used for flat-pack furniture and work surfaces. High-density chipboard is often used as the carcass for kitchen units and worktops and flooring.

Thicknesses2,5 - 54 mm
SizesOn request
SurfacesRaw, melamine-coated, CPL / HPL-covered, veneered
QualitiesStandard chipboard P1 - P5
Chipboard in CARB quality
Moisture resistant chipboard
Flame retardant chipboard

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