Technical & Product Data Sheets

Technical and product data sheets are available for download.
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Flax Boards Technical Data

E1- + FF Certificate

Flax Board Technical Data Sheet

Flax Board E1 Material Safety Data Sheet

Flax Board E0 Material Safety Data Sheet

Heat Conductivity Coefficient

Flax Boards Pressure Test Results

Glue Recommendations

Odice Product Data Sheets

Acrylodice F
Fire resistant, acrylic and intumescent sealant

Fibrodice MS
Thermal shield

Firefoam 1C
Fire resistant PU foam

Flexible intumescent seals

Interdens 5, 15 & 36
Intumescent sheets & seals

Thermal insulation

Palusol 100, 104 & 210
Intumescent boards and seals

Palusol EF
Intumescent fire and cold smoke seals

Palusol P&PM
Intumescent fire seals

Palusol PL
Intumescent fire seals

Thermal insulating paper

Pyrocol A – E – L – F
Non-combustible glues