H-Flachs Team

Hello! We are team of professionals, doing our best to bring you high quality products and services. We take our jobs seriously and with passion.

  • Wolfgang Hagenauer

    Wolfgang Hagenauer

    Managing Director

  • Teodora Aleksandrova

    Teodora Aleksandrova

    Managing Director Assistant

  • Aleksandar Aleksandrov

    Aleksandar Aleksandrov


  • Darko Milinovic

    Darko Milinovic

    Sales Balkan

  • Hajnalka Pal

    Hajnalka Pal

    Sales Support

  • Dominik Rossak

    Dominik Rossak

    Sales Support

  • Daniela Schmitt

    Daniela Schmitt

    Key Account Manager

  • Camelia Balan

    Camelia Balan

    Sales Support